Friday, June 23, 2017


It’s Friday and time for Happy Hour. Will you need to leave work or just hit the company Beer Fridge?  A smarter, happier hour awaits…

A tech company I used to work for (that was run by lawyers) wouldn’t even serve alcohol at company picnics, because they were afraid of the liabilities involved. Times sure have changed!

And it’s not just about the beer when your workplace has a Beer Fridge Culture. In companies that have a beer fridge people feel that they’re treated with respect and empowered to make their their own decisions and use their judgement.
Does providing alcohol to employees make sense in all industries? Sure, there are many that involve the promotion and sale of alcohol where you have to sample the products and these have made  alcohol available for a long time; I’ve even worked for some. And my Taste N Trip activities, as the the first part of the name implies, certainly involve sampling all manner of alcoholic beverages, some even in the home “office” where there are real refrigerators. You might not want to have anyone who works in healthcare, construction or transportation tipping a few while they are at work though.
Clarity Way, an addiction and mental health recovery center, has put together the following infographic listing five pros and five cons of providing alcohol at work.
If the Pros outweigh the Cons for your business then you might want to make it a “Bud-e” beer fridge. You can keep it stocked with help from Anheuser-Busch’s real time monitor that uses spring sensors and a WiFi connection. When your beer level begins to run low, the smart fridge can place an automatic order with a local delivery service or send the office manager a reminder to order more brews through the Anheuser-Busch web portal. As you may have guessed, Office Bud-e is completely free to lease - and not suprisingly it expands the market for Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewer.
No information was available regarding what happens if you stock non-AB products in one of these Bud-e fridges. Does an alarm sound? Do those sensor connected springs go into action and eject the offending brew? Or do both happen simultaneously while the “When You Say Bud” song plays?

It will be a while until cities other than New York and Chicago have the Bud-e though. So if you are located anywhere else and are thinking of buying your own beer (or wine) fridge, because, you know, you trust your employees and you really want to empower them, you can find a large selection of them online
They will cost you a couple hundred dollars, but then you can decide what craft beers to stock them with. Maybe even a few Bombers?
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